Peregrine Award

Peregrine-Award-patchThe Peregrine Award is presented to hikers who complete all 77 miles of The Foothills Trail—from Oconee State Park to Table Rock State Park. The award was started in 2011 in honor of longtime FTC member Heyward Douglass. The word “peregrine” comes from the Spanish word “peregrino,” which means pilgrim. It is also the name of one of Heyward’s favorite birds; he was instrumental in the re-introduction of the Peregrine Falcon to the mountains of Upstate South Carolina. To receive the award, hikers must meet the following requirements:

  • Hike all 77 miles of the Foothills Trail. This may be in a single through-hike or multiple section hikes over a period of time.
  • Be a member of the Foothills Trail Conservancy at the time of award application. Join on-line here.
  • Apply for the award, which includes submitting a report of your hike(s) and describing your experience, best moments, etc.

There are two ways to apply for the Peregrine Award:

Applications will be reviewed by the Foothills Trail Conservancy and, upon acceptance, applicants will receive a completion certificate and Peregrine Award patch.


2018 Recipients

Bill Farley NC
Kenneth Johnson NC
Bryan Banning VA
Stephen Masciocchi FL
Kelly Summers FL
Martin Schneekloth AL
Kelsey Carbonell MI
Jason DeCamillis MI
Susan Curtis GA
Michael Curtis GA
Kristen Grissom SC
Jerry Ellsworth SC
Kenneth Caldwell SC
April Tutich SC
Gage Tutich SC
Holden Tutich SC
Melanie Jamrogowicz SC
Tammy Gunter SC
Stuart Howe SC
Evelyn Howe SC
Olivia Howe SC
Paul Golden NC
Enya Kent VA
Kevin Mahoney KY
Lewis Brownlee SC
Jill Zuidema SC
Lisa Hall SC
Jay Ross NC
Robin Ross NC
Blair Plisko NC
Travis Lucas SC
Christo Amato SC
Larry Conley SC
Duane Ashcraft SC
Christine Todd NC
Christopher Glessner SC
Daniel Farnsworth KY
Tamara Farnsworth KY
Mandi Nelson SC
Chip Nelson SC
Lee Valliant NC
Nicholas Summe KY
Ana Summe KY
Warren Bensken NJ
Edward Halbig SC
Petrit Xhudo NJ
Heather Conway NJ
Keith Covington SC
James Covington SC
Kevin Allison SC
Ethan Allison SC
Bob Faires SC
Kelly Chambers KY
Shawn Chambers KY
Florence Bradley AL
Oliver Colson III SC
Emelyn Jones SC
Neil Jones SC
Samantha Hamilton-Rackley SC
Bill Robertson SC
Kyle Henry SC
David Hester TX
Jim Beeson VA
Rachel Speer SC
Sam Hunley SC
Terry Workman NC
Brad Beavers VA
Joshua Sheets DE
Billy Wilkie SC
Jim Anderson GA
Larry Koons AL
Tony Spence SC
Kimberly Collett SC
Lisa Pendergrass NC
Laura Sanchez TX
Antonio Sanchez TX
Patti Fercken GA
Mike Fercken GA
Marya McNeish NC
Brian Underwood SC
Scotty Trambler Smith VA
Anna Richardson SC
Joseph Hall AL
Heather Reece TN
David Delahunty SC
Mary Patterson NY
Adam Blanton NC
Dori Bishop OH
Tricia Kyzer SC
Pam Shucker SC
Clay Evans SC
Sandy Hudson NC
Patrick Dudley NC